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Mini Face Lifting

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Starting From 3,100.00 €
Part of Body Face
Operation Duration 2 Hours
Accommodation 4 Days
Recovery Time 7 - 10 Days
Hospital Stay 3 Days
Number of Treatments Once

Mini face lifting is a surgical procedure typically aimed at reducing prominent signs of aging in the facial area. This procedure has a more limited scope compared to a full facelift and is generally intended for individuals seeking mild corrections or addressing early signs of aging.

Mini face lifting typically features the following characteristics:

Small Incisions: Smaller surgical incisions are usually employed, which can expedite the healing process.

Limited Tissue Removal: This procedure involves less tissue removal compared to a full facelift. Specific areas of facial muscles and skin are tightened.

Quick Recovery: The mini face lifting procedure often entails a faster recovery process due to its less invasive nature.

Mild Corrections: Mini face lifting is commonly used for mild corrections or preventative measures in individuals without prominent signs of aging.

This procedure may be considered when a person wishes to alleviate signs of aging but does not require a full facelift. However, as with any surgical intervention, consideration should be given to the individual's health, expectations, and anatomical features.

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Questions & Answers

A mini facelift is a cosmetic procedure that typically targets the mid-face region, using smaller incisions and minimal surgical techniques. It is often considered a milder version of traditional facelift surgery.

A mini facelift is usually performed using small incisions and minimal surgical techniques to address sagging and wrinkles, primarily focusing on the face and neck areas.

Typically, individuals with mild to moderate signs of aging who wish to achieve a more youthful appearance may be suitable candidates for a mini facelift. However, every patient should undergo an evaluation by a specialist before considering the procedure.

A mini facelift is typically performed under local anesthesia or mild sedation, resulting in minimal discomfort. Mild swelling and discomfort may be experienced after the surgery.

Recovery time varies from person to person but usually involves a few days of mild discomfort and swelling. Full recovery may take several weeks.

A mini facelift generally provides long-lasting results; however, changes over time may occur due to the aging process and genetic factors.

Yes, a mini facelift can often be combined with other aesthetic procedures, such as Botox, fillers, or laser treatments, to achieve more comprehensive results.