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All on 4 Dental Implant

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All-on-4 dental implants offer an excellent solution for individuals who are edentulous or have lost their teeth. With this technique, a full set of upper or lower teeth is secured using only four implants. This provides significant improvements both aesthetically and functionally for the patient. Through All-on-4, patients can enjoy a sensation closest to natural teeth, confidently smile, and comfortably consume all types of food. Moreover, the placement and fixation of implants within the bone help prevent bone resorption, preserving facial contours. This method greatly enhances patients' quality of life, offering faster healing and longer-lasting results through a less invasive surgical process.




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Questions & Answers

The All-on-4 dental implant procedure is a dental restoration technique that involves the placement of four dental implants in the jawbone to support a full arch of prosthetic teeth (either upper or lower).

Traditional dental implant procedures often require more implants and may involve bone grafting. The All-on-4 technique utilizes only four strategically placed implants, which reduces the need for bone grafts and shortens the treatment time.

The All-on-4 procedure is suitable for individuals with significant tooth loss or those facing complete edentulism (loss of all teeth) in one or both arches. Candidates should generally be in good overall health and have adequate jawbone density.

During the procedure, four dental implants are strategically placed in the jawbone to provide stable support. A temporary set of prosthetic teeth is usually attached on the same day, and a permanent set is affixed once the implants have fully integrated with the bone.

Some advantages include a reduced need for bone grafting, a quicker treatment timeline, and the ability to provide a fixed set of teeth on the same day as the implant placement.

The entire process can typically be completed in a single day, from implant placement to the attachment of the temporary prosthetic teeth. However, the healing and integration of the implants with the bone continue over several months.

With proper care and maintenance, All-on-4 dental implants can last for many years, and in some cases, they may last a lifetime.