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Armada Smile Antalya, Türkiye
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Anfangspreis 200.00 €
Zugehöriger Bereich Gesicht, Mund
Dauer der Operation 2 Uhren
Dauer des Aufenthalts 4 Tage
Erholungszeit 15 - 20 Tage
Dauer des Krankenhausaufenthalts 0 Tag
Anzahl der Behandlungen 1 Mal

Im Allgemeinen handelt es sich um eine Behandlungsmethode, die dazu dient, fehlende oder schwache Bereiche des Kieferknochens zu stärken und zu vergrößern. Diese Behandlung kann unter anderem zum Auffüllen von Lücken im Kieferknochen und zum Einsetzen von Implantaten eingesetzt werden.

Das Verfahren des Knochenaufbaus kann wie folgt ablaufen:

Untersuchung und Beurteilung: Der Zahnarzt beurteilt den Zustand des Kieferknochens und bestimmt die fehlenden Bereiche.

Auswahl des Materials für das Knochenaufbauverfahren: Das zum Auffüllen der fehlenden Bereiche zu verwendende Material wird ausgewählt. Dieses Material kann in der Regel von Ihrem eigenen Körper (Autotransplantat), von einem Spender (Allotransplantat) oder aus synthetischen Materialien stammen.

Chirurgische Phase - Einsetzen des Implantats: Der Zahnarzt setzt das ausgewählte Material in den fehlenden Bereich ein. Dieses Material regt die Bildung von neuem Knochen im Kieferknochen an.

Heilungsprozess: Nach dem Knochenaufbau beginnt der Heilungsprozess. Dieser Prozess beinhaltet die Bildung neuen Knochens. Die Heilungsphase kann in der Regel mehrere Monate dauern.


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  • Krankenversicherung
  • Hotelunterkunft
  • Online-Gesundheitsassistent 9/5 (Classic)
  • Nachsorge nach Aufenthalt 6 Monate
  • Extraleistungen (Classic)
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  • Online-Gesundheitsassistent 24/7 (Premium)
  • Nachsorge nach Aufenthalt - 1 Jahr
  • Konsultation mit dem Arzt vor der Behandlung
  • Extraleistungen (Premium)
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  • Krankenversicherung
  • Healthy Life Butler
  • Nachsorge nach Aufenthalt 2 Jahre
  • Konsultation mit einem weltberühmten Arzt
  • Extraleistungen (Private)
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  • Autogenes Knochentransplantat (Ramus) 2cc
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Fragen & Antworten

Eine Knochentransplantation ist ein chirurgischer Eingriff, der dazu dient, die Knochenheilung zu fördern oder Knochenschwund auszugleichen. Bei diesem Verfahren wird Knochen oder synthetisches Knochenmaterial aus einem anderen Körperteil in den Bereich des beschädigten oder fehlenden Knochens eingebracht. Eine Knochentransplantation hilft bei der Reparatur von Knochengewebe, indem sie das Nachwachsen und die Heilung des Knochens fördert.

Eine Knochentransplantation kann in verschiedenen Situationen erforderlich sein, z. B. um die Heilung gebrochener Knochen zu beschleunigen, die für die Platzierung von Implantaten oder Prothesen verfügbare Knochenmenge zu erhöhen oder um einen schweren Knochenverlust auszugleichen. Darüber hinaus wird Knochentransplantation häufig in der Kieferchirurgie, Wirbelsäulenchirurgie und orthopädischen Chirurgie eingesetzt.

Der Knochentransplantationsvorgang und die Erholungszeit variieren von Person zu Person und hängen von der Art des verwendeten Transplantats ab. Normalerweise kann der Heilungsprozess nach dem Einsetzen eines Knochentransplantats mehrere Monate dauern. Während des Heilungsprozesses wird erwartet, dass das Transplantat mit dem Knochen verschmilzt und neues Knochengewebe entsteht. Die Ergebnisse können je nach Art des Transplantats, dem Bereich, in dem es angewendet wird, und dem allgemeinen Gesundheitszustand des Patienten variieren.


Tom United Kingdom

I came to Turkey for family holidays and I decided to do my teeth same time! One of my friends recommended the Armada Smile clinic. I had the Holywood smile package with 28 zirconium crowns and I couldn't have chose better!!! Everyone at Armada clinic is very professional and friendly! Because of that I felt very relaxed all time! Such a great bunch of people!! Big thanks to my surgeon mr. Vahid who did excellent job and now I have beautiful and natural looking smile!!! Also have to mention Gamze who look after me and made my time at the clinic even more excellent! And on the end BIG BIG THANK YOU to one and only Ozzy!!! This is the men who took care of me from start to finish. He's extremely professional and he really cares about the patients. He's done everything what's possible for me to go through the procedure nice and smooth! After all I consider him as my good friend!!!! I Highly recommend ARMADA SMILE

Tarih :31/05/2024
Glenn Bastow United Kingdom

Just back from turkey after having implants for top and bottom jaw went with 7 top due bone short and 6 bottom had no pain what so ever just tender gums and a bit uncomfortable but soon wears off given antibiotics and pain killers Ând mouth wash the doctor did a excellent job and Izzy and others really looked after me I’ve returned to the uk with my temporary dentures and will return 18 th August for first fitting of my new permanent teeth . I highly recommend armada smile given a nice hotel over looking the sea and private driver to pick us up fro airport take us to all appointments and back to airport after each trip over . Roll on the 18 th August

Tarih :11/05/2024
Louise Tierney United Kingdom

My wife and I first met with Armada Smile at an event in Liverpool.I had spoken for many years about wanting to have full mouth dental surgery but was unsure on who to go to as you hear so many stories, good and bad, and so it was a big decision to make. On meeting Ozzy and the Team in Liverpool for a consultation, it suddenly felt the right time and that first meeting gave me the confidence and trust in the team to go forward with my plan.From the first stage of organising our trip to Antalya, through to the our last day after treatment and return Home, the service I received from Armada Smile could not have been better. The level of hospitality, care and professionalism was exemplary; they have that personal touch that puts you at ease, like you have known them for years and it makes you feel special. The quality of treatment and support given throughout exceeded my expectations and, needless to say, I was very pleased with the end result. During our time in Antalya, we met with several people, there for treatment with other clinics, who's experiences were not so good. We knew we had made the right decision and the experience has given me a lot to smile about. I highly recommend Armada Smile to anyone thinking of have dental surgery.

Tarih :16/05/2024
Dominik Horvath United Kingdom

Amazing experience with Armada Smile, highly recommended. We were taken care off from start to finish, Special thanks to Gamze for making everything smooth and keeping us well informed.

Tarih :22/04/2024
Archie Carmichael United Kingdom

5 Star treatment, from the initial consultation in Liverpool until having a new smile.Armada Smile have a fantastic friendly team that are very skilful and caring when carrying out dental treatment.I would not hesitate to recommend the Armada Smile team for any type of dental treatment In Antalya.

Tarih :01/05/2024
Lord Aaron Galbraith Sri Lanka

Hello World:Let me introduce myself, my Name is Lord Aaron Galbraith. About Me————-Let me tel you about my journey. I have been through a lot of downword spirals in my life because of no having any confidence in life and my problem was teeth. I lost a lot of teeth and just had rotten roots with a tooth her and a tooth there, I lost my confidence and wouldn’t go out for years because my facial features was ugly . I managed to go out on a Thursday to bingo with mates that understood me and the only ones that I could confide in. The rest of the week I stayed indoors with my little dog. Dental problems ————————In the streets when I was younger I was called awful names because of my appearance with no teeth I never had a proper childhood because of it. I finally with the help of my mum’s inheritance I want to do something about the state of my mouth, so I went to approximately 16 different seminars in hotels in Manchester England that where held by 16 different surgery’s all from Turkey. It was impressive what they where telling me “BUT” something in the back of my head wasn’t trusting what I’ve been told so I kept pressing on with seminars when I was certain meting to the fact there wasn’t any of the Turkey Surgery’s I couldn’t trust. I was devastated as o new people that got work done. I was about to give up altogether.Armada Smile——————-I was on facebook one day and an advertisement popped up about a semester at the Renaissance hotel Manchester. I filled in the online form and I was contacted by the guys from Armada Smile, I was not in the position to go see the as I had appointments all week . I then thought about it and decided I will cancel my appointments for the day and go see the guys in the hotel as I had nothing to loose. I got to the hotel and I was Greeted by a guy called BAKI he introduced me to a fantastic guy with a name OZZY and then I met the top surgeon in dentistry SAYAF and it was like meeting people that was lost in my own family. Talking to them I felt so relaxed and very comfortable in the company and they told me everything I needed done . They left nothing out and they were as concerned for me as I was. I felt extremely relaxed with them and my mouth was examined by the top dental surgeon SAYAF at the hotel in Manchester. I felt so good been in there company I felt I have known them for years . So I was so well informed and comfortable around the guys I handed £4,000 cash to them to prove I was totally committed to there service . I filled out the application to get on board with Armada Smile then they BAKI realised on my application it said Lord Aaron Galbraith they where exited to have me on board with them as they never had a Lord as a patient before . I got to Turkey and I was met by my interpreter OZZY and my personal chauffeur. They were both very welcoming. I was brought to my hotel about 11.30pm and was left to rest that night to start the process in the morrning. I was anxious but realy had nothing to worry about . My chauffeur picked me up from my hotel and brought me to Armada Smile surgery, it’s a beautiful building along with beautiful staff from Greeting you in to the finished job . SAYAF the top surgeon found out my birthday was on the Friday when I fly back and he ask me through OZZY my interpreter would it be ok for me to say an extra day as he wanted me to celebrate my birthday with him and the staff and his family here in Turkey. So I exped and he arranged to cancel my flight home and rebooked it for Saturday. I have a dog sitting company looking after my tea cup terrier at my home SAYAF also arranged my dog sitter to stay one extra day so I could party with them here in turkey. OZZY & his sister GAMZE couldn’t have been nicer interpreters for me. From start to finish OZZY & GAMZE & all the staff where extremely PROFESSIONALS & EXTREMELY CURIOUS towards me I HIGHLY RECOMMEND “ Armada Smile” for anyone worried about getting your teeth sorted out. Implants can be all done in one day and you can relax the rest of the time and enjoy holiday here in turkeyThe surgeon VAHID that carried out my procedure although spoke on English made me feel at ease and made me feel extremely relaxed. Conclusion —————-I have never met a nicer bunch of people in my entire life . I now consider them my FAMILY . Should you every need to talk to me about anything in relation to any of the procedure of implants you feel you need doing by Armada Smile, please call me any time on 07554840000

Tarih :23/05/2024