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Ревизия Pубца (3–10 см) (локальный)

Estecenter Plastic Surgery Center Стамбул, Турция
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550.00 €

Este Center цена

Начальная цена 550.00 €
Часть тела Разное / Тело
Продолжительность операции 15-60 Минута
Продолжительность проживания 4 дней
Продолжительность восстановления 15-20 Дни
Пребывание в больнице 0 дней
Количество посещений 4 раз

Ревизия рубца – это хирургическая или неинвазивная процедура, направленная на уменьшение или улучшение внешнего вида существующих рубцов. Эта процедура может использоваться для уменьшения размера рубца, выравнивания его цвета и улучшения текстуры кожи. В зависимости от типа и расположения рубца, хирург может сделать разрезы и использовать швы или применять такие методы, как лазерное лечение и дермабразия. Ревизия рубца обычно проводится под местной анестезией, а период восстановления зависит от состояния пациента.

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Комментарии клиентов

Dipu Rahman China

I just done my hair transplant. It’s gone very well. I happy with the results. The staff are very kind and helpful. Highly recommended.

Tarih :12/06/2024
Nils Mierzynski Germany

Perfect guidances and treatment from the first minute on. Exact situation analysis and documentation of current situation and what can be expected at the end (I had more than 4000 grafts).Treatment was convenient (slept most of it)Outstanding was the aftercare with light/laser therapy and provided free care set (with many care products like shampoo, vitamins, etc.) together with precise instructions how to take care of hair and scalp the next time.Special thanks to Nadia who was always very kind and caring and got in touch with me even after months to check the result via WhatsApp.Many thank and great job to you all!

Tarih :07/05/2024
Salah Morocco

I liked the reception at first sight then the staff was really kind and freind they care about small details .

Tarih :29/05/2024
Rojer Almeida India

I had my hair transplant recently ( 4 Days ago) in Estecenter and the experience that I had is amazing. This is just because amazing people out there, especially my translator make me feel like home there and during my surgery they stood next me and explain me each and everything in detail. All staffs and doctors in Estecenter are very friendly.i highly recommend this place if you looking for hair transplant. I am eagerly waiting for the results now. Thank you so much Estecenter team and best of luck.

Tarih :26/04/2024
Florian Küpper Germany

I had an amazing experience at Estecenter! Three weeks ago, I underwent a hair transplant, and the operation was completely painless. The service was top-notch, and the entire team was extremely friendly and helpful, especially the translators. I felt well taken care of during my stay and am eager to see the final results.

Tarih :15/04/2024
Tom Belgium

Good service and guidance during the whole process, from first contact till departure. Professional and hygienic clinic and set up. Well recommanded.Thanks for everything.

Tarih :09/05/2024