4.3 out of 5

Drei-Fokus-Augenimplantat mit Astigmatik

Veni Vidi Göz Antalya, Türkiye
Verifizierter Preis Anfangspreis
4,500.00 €

Veni Vidi Göz Preis

Anfangspreis 4,500.00 €
Zugehöriger Bereich Augen
Dauer der Operation 30 Protokoll
Dauer des Aufenthalts 4 Tage
Erholungszeit 7 - 10 Tage
Dauer des Krankenhausaufenthalts 0 Tag
Anzahl der Behandlungen 1 Mal

Astigmatismus tritt auf, wenn die Hornhaut oder Linse des Auges eine unregelmäßige Form hat, was zu verschwommenem Sehen führt. Dieses Implantat wurde speziell zur Korrektur von Astigmatismus und zur Verbesserung der Sehschärfe entwickelt. Bei korrekter Platzierung im Auge verfügt das Implantat über drei verschiedene Zonen mit unterschiedlichen Brennweiten, die Astigmatismus korrigieren. Dadurch kann der Patient sowohl in der Nähe als auch in der Ferne klar sehen.

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Sal United Kingdom

This has been edited from the original review! It's been almost a year since having smart lens carried out on both eyes and boy do I regret it! It would had been better for me to throw the money away rather then letting them touch my eyes. I had great long distance vision and only suffered from short sight as in reading. Now not only have I lost 60% of my long distance but still struggle with close up. They said I had a problem with my left eye with my optic nerve and that they had to put a vivity lens in the left and trifocle to right. I have since had my eyes checked three times in London and there were no problems with my optic nerve. Night time driving has become extremely dangerous due to my left eye with light starburst and right with halo's. I am suffering with extreme floaters so bad that if you stood in front of me, half your face would be missing and if I looked at something white, like white paper, i see a cluster of bubbles in my left eye. I suffered from extreme sensitivity to light for 5 months and thankfully that has now gone. I tried to speak with the surgeon numeras times and been fobbed off tohis assistance. The surgeons name is Serdar Marole and if you want to take my advice, steer clear, they have completely ruined my eyes. I have wasted money before and boy, it would had been better for me to throw the money away!

Tarih :29/04/2024
Shermineh M.Zadeh Thailand

I choose turkey to do my clear lens replacement eye surgery. The Veni Vidi Goz is an amazing eye hospital. The staff are very helpful and friendly, extremely professional. my doctor Dr Nihat Karakaya has so many years of experience. The doctor is very calming and he did his job so perfectly. I felt very safe. Anastasia was extremely helpful. She was there to translate from Turkish to English. Made my life so much easier. Thank you so much Anastasia . ♥️I definitely recommend this clinic to anyone that would like to have any sort of eye surgery.

Tarih :10/12/2023
London ICWCI United Kingdom

I had a fantastic experience with Veni Vidi Goz. The Clinic was first class. My surgeon Dr Ugur Balci was amazing, extremely knowledgeable, and put me completely at ease. The staff were excellent, and everything was completely seamless, and well organized. Finally, the translator that I dealt with from my initial questions, through booking, through surgery, and back home to London was just the absolute best. She was quite literally always available for me. I had multi focal lens replacement done. It was done flawlessly. I have had results that blew me away. The recovery was so easy for me. I just can’t say enough about the complete experience.

Tarih :24/10/2023
PaulW United Kingdom

If I could give six stars I would. The Veni Vidi Eye Clinic was superb. As soon as I got there all my concerns disappeared. I was there for cataract removal surgery on both eyes and insertion of premium lenses. Anastasia organised all the transfers from airport to hotel and to the clinic. She was with me every step of the way through my procedures. Dr Ertan Sunay was wonderful and I had confidence in his judgement and recommendations on lenses. The whole process took only 4 days and it was reassuring to have my operated eyes checked by Dr Sunay next day. The results have far exceeded my expectations with great vision near and far. No need for glasses with the new lenses feel totally natural.

Tarih :25/02/2023
Cindy Tan Georgia

Anastasiia arranged airport pickup and drop-off as well as to the clinic. Communication with her was smooth and she was quick to respond to any questions I have. She arranged everything perfectly.The clinic is modern and professional.Dr Ertan Sunay was very gentle and kind when doing the no touch laser treatment, which he recommended for me. I'm still recovering but I'm looking forward to having perfect eyesight!

Tarih :23/07/2022
Neal LaFrance Turkey

I had tPRK surgery 2 weeks ago (I believe the clinic calls it “no touch laser”). I communicated through a translator, Anastasia, who was polite, professional, and responsive the entire process. After consulting with Dr. Ertan Sunday on the appropriate procedure, we completed it later the same day. Doctor Sunday was very friendly, as a foreigner it was nice that he spoke English and during a process that can be somewhat nerve-wracking he and the surgery staff were friendly and comforting throughout. You need to know what you’re getting into with PRK surgery in terms of the longer recovery time vs LASIK but I would hope anyone would have done their research. At the follow up five days after they said everything looks good, I’ll be seeing them again in a week or two. As an American obviously the price was very low and good value. I’m still recovering two weeks in but I’m improving, happy I did it and would recommend Veni Vidi to anyone. Thank you Anastasia, Dr. Sunday, and all the staff!

Tarih :01/12/2023