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Trabekulektomie (Ein Auge)

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Anfangspreis 6,471.00 €
Zugehöriger Bereich Augen
Dauer der Operation 15-60 Protokoll
Dauer des Aufenthalts 4 Tage
Erholungszeit 7-10 Tage
Dauer des Krankenhausaufenthalts 2 Tage
Anzahl der Behandlungen 1 Mal

Die Trabekulektomie ist ein chirurgischer Eingriff zur Behandlung des Glaukoms, einer Erkrankung, die durch einen erhöhten Augeninnendruck gekennzeichnet ist, der den Sehnerv schädigen und zum Sehverlust führen kann. Die Trabekulektomie ist ein häufiger und wirksamer Eingriff zur Behandlung des Glaukoms.

Die Trabekulektomie gilt als chirurgischer Standardeingriff zur Behandlung des Glaukoms, insbesondere wenn konservative Behandlungen wie Medikamente den Augeninnendruck nicht kontrollieren konnten. Ziel des Eingriffs ist es, eine weitere Schädigung des Sehnervs zu verhindern und das Sehvermögen von Menschen mit Glaukom zu erhalten. 

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Fragen & Antworten

Der Augeninnendruck, auch bekannt als intraokularer Druck (IOD), bezieht sich auf den Flüssigkeitsdruck im Inneren des Auges. Das Glaukom ist eine Gruppe von Augenkrankheiten, bei denen ein hoher Augendruck den Sehnerv schädigen und zum Sehverlust führen kann.

In den frühen Stadien verläuft das Glaukom in der Regel ohne erkennbare Symptome. Mit fortschreitender Erkrankung kann es jedoch zu Sehkraftverlust, peripheren Sehstörungen, Lichthöfen um Lichter und Augenschmerzen kommen.

Der Augeninnendruck wird mit einem Tonometer gemessen. Die gängigste Methode besteht darin, das Auge mit Augentropfen zu betäuben und dann den Druck durch sanftes Klopfen auf die Augenoberfläche mit einem kleinen Gerät zu messen.

Die Behandlung kann verschreibungspflichtige Augentropfen, orale Medikamente, eine Lasertherapie oder eine Operation umfassen. Ziel ist es, den Augeninnendruck zu senken und eine weitere Schädigung des Sehnervs zu verlangsamen oder zu verhindern.


John Z United States of America

I was very fortunate to be directed to Dunyagoz Eye Hospital in Izmir Turkey. I had an eye emergency while on a tour in Turkey on 9 November 2023, and our tour guide was told that I should see an eye specialist as soon as possible. I learned that I needed emergency surgery for a detached retina. Dr Cüneyt Erdurman provided excellent care and follow-up. Dr Erdurman explained in English the treatment plan and aftercare and was always professional and kind. His care and the assistance from his staff really helped me deal with being in an emergency medical situation in a foreign country. Sinem and Deniz were very helpful with translation so that I could understand the entire process. They also took care of getting my paperwork together to submit to my insurance. They were always friendly, courteous, and respectful of my situation. I've told many people in the US about how fortunate I was to be in this state-of-the-art hospital.

Tarih :03/02/2024
Consultants PDCC Sudan

I was happily surprised the first time I entered DonyaGoz eye hospital in istanbul. Great location, beautiful natural surroundings, awesome enterance, and most cheerful and helpful host-translator Mr. Huseyin. At a different floor with comfortable well set reception Ms Elif Dagli made me feel welcome. But most important I felt safe and in the 100% right place. The friendly, qualified, clear worded, and cheerful Dr Toygar topped it with a comprehensive examination. My condition was clearly and exactly described to me. The glasses prescription was certainly first class. My cataracts status well defined. That very good experience came once again in my second visit. My due time is drawing near and I feel good to come to my eyes care-home soon.All the best DunyaGoz. Thank you Ms Dagli.

Tarih :25/09/2023
Mykhailo Smetana Ukraine

Dr Anıl Kubaloğlu quickly and accurately diagnosed our daughter, something that doctors back home had not been able to do for years. He then stopped the progression of the disease with medication and surgery. The staff at the clinic have always been very friendly and helpful, especially Elif Dağlı, who we still contact with various questions and always get the right advice.

Tarih :27/09/2023
Aiham Alasadi Iraq

I had a discussion with Dr. Volkan Matben and we agreed on the best Eye surgery for my case and the safest that was (PRK No touch) my eyesight was really bad Even with glasses, I'm a lot better now that a month has passed , I also recommend Ms. Elif Dağlı who has been useful, I also recommend Mr.Mahmood (a translator) who was extremely helpful and he's the one that referred me to this hospital

Tarih :0
Victoria United Kingdom

That was a great experience at Dunyagoz Eye Hospital in Izmir! I had an operation called LASIK and now enjoy an excellent vision! Dr Gokcen Gokce was very professional, competent and kind, he answered all my questions. Everything was done quick and I left hospital next morning. The hospital is new, very clean and facilities are just great with very big and lovely rooms . I definitely recommend to choose Dunyagoz in Izmir. Special thanks to a young lady Sinem Yuldiz, who accompanied me all the way throughout my stay. She translated all for me, checked on me regularly and was all the points of help! Flawless experience. I am glad I did it exactly there!

Tarih :19/09/2023
Ilian Andreev

I’ve been visitting Dunyagoz for a little over 10 years now and all I can say is a big thank you! Most recently prof. Anil Kubaloglu saved me from a very tough situation with my transplanted cornea and I’m immensely grateful to him every time for his professionalism, hard work and always being kind to the patient, explaining in detail and listening to my feedback.I would also want to thank Suzan Haliloglu from Dunyagoz who helped me with bookings, questions in my native language, and all the staff from international department at Etiler, who are always by my side to help with anything!Honestly I find this hospital as an example for top-notch eyecare! ❤️

Tarih :09/10/2023