Dr. Yetkin Bayer
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Dr. Yetkin Bayer

Beşiktaş, İstanbul, Türkiye
Kuruluş Yılı 2012
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Müşteri Yorumları

S. Saudi Arabia

Praise be to God, I was successful in choosing Dr. Eatkin Bayer’s clinic. I had the first operation on the anterior area in 2022 and the results were satisfactory. Currently, I did the second operation on the crown area , and we hope that the result will be a wonderful. I thank them for the professionalism in dealing and care of the petient in the smallest details.

Tarih :27/06/2024
furkan kılınç Turkey

After months of researching, i've finally decided to go with Dr. Bayer. The process was quite smooth, i did not feel any pain during or after the procedure. People there were really nice and the entire experience was great.

Tarih :26/06/2024
EDDIE Ginnore United States of America

I made a long trip from Seattle to Turkey for hair transplant, and the results I received from Dr.Yetkin Bayer Clinics were absolutely worth it. I am highly satisfied with their medical professionals, who went above and beyond in their care and service. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone considering a hair transplant- you won’t regret it.

Tarih :25/06/2024
Alex Frehe Greece

Dr. Yetkin is one of the best and most experienced doctors in hair transplantation. He restored my self-confidence and restored my hair to what it was 15 years ago. It was an organized matter from the airport to the hotel to the hospital. I take my hat off to him, thank you.

Tarih :26/06/2024
Abdul Sattar United Kingdom

Had a wonderful experience. Dr yatkin and his team are working with passion and highly skilled team. They did all steps very well and explained each stage in depth. Customer know very well what’s going on with their transplant process. Highly recommended.

Tarih :23/06/2024
IZZO/STEVEN J United States of America

Doctor Bayer was incredibly knowledgeable,helpful and considerate during my visit there. I also went with my sister who also had trouble with losing hair. I had only a little bit of hair left when I got the procedure,But now, over 3 years later, my hair is full. The results were exactly what the Doctor told me I would get.The staff was very courteous. Accommodations were fantastic and I'm very happy that I went to see Doctor Bayer when I did and I would do it again. I would recommend anyone interested in a successful transplant without any complications and good results,to visit Doctor Bayer and his clinic.His team is outstanding. Thank you,To all who helped me and good luck to anyone still looking to change their life.

Tarih :23/06/2024