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Smiling is an important aspect of boosting self-confidence. However, aesthetic issues such as cracks, discoloration, or slight misalignment in your teeth can overshadow the beauty of your smile. This is where dental veneers come into play.

Dental veneers are an excellent solution for achieving an aesthetic smile and improving the appearance of your teeth. These thin, custom-designed veneers are applied directly to your teeth to correct unwanted color, size, shape, or alignment issues.

The dental veneers are highly durable and natural-looking. Made with special materials, these veneers provide long-lasting and resilient results, allowing you to smile confidently.

Custom-designed for each patient, dental veneers perfectly match your facial structure, tooth shape, and color. 

Dental veneers typically have a quick and easy application process that can be completed in a few visits. With modern technology and expertise, we can redefine your smile in no time.

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Questions & Answers

Dental veneers are personalized shells crafted to cover the frontal surfaces of teeth. They effectively conceal existing cracks, stains, and other cosmetic imperfections on the teeth, making them a widely utilized treatment in aesthetic dentistry.

Most commonly used: - To address tooth discoloration resulting from diet, prolonged antibiotic use, or genetic factors that cannot be remedied by teeth whitening methods. - For treating tooth gaps (diastema). - To remedy minor tooth loss caused by decay or breakage. - To enhance the appearance of mild tooth curvature that doesn't necessitate orthodontic treatment. - In situations where tooth size is dissatisfactory, laminate dental veneers are employed to lengthen and resize the teeth. Porcelain lamina is not applied in cases where the patient has advanced gingival recession, Bruxism (teeth grinding) disease, or severe dental caries.

Typically, Dental Veneers treatment spans two sessions, providing the patient with the desired aesthetic smile within a week. **1st Session:** During the initial appointment, the dentist evaluates your dental condition and discusses the specifics of potential laminate tooth veneer treatment. Your preferred tooth appearance is digitally modeled, and following teeth cleaning, local anesthesia is administered for gentle filing. Tooth dimensions are then sent to the dental lab for the production of porcelain lamina. **2nd Session:** The dentist meticulously examines the custom veneers for each tooth, ensuring an accurate fit. Upon your approval, the veneers are permanently affixed in approximately 30 minutes per tooth. The dentist imparts post-veneer oral care instructions.

- Achieves an appearance remarkably close to natural teeth due to the thin porcelain coating with high light transmittance. - Short treatment period. - Excellent adaptation to the gums. - Provides a rapid and satisfactory solution to tooth curvature and deformities. - Laminas can be utilized for many years with proper post-procedure considerations. - Minimal intervention during the preparation phase ensures preservation of the tooth structure without deterioration. - Custom design allows production in desired color and size, offering numerous color options. - Exhibits high resistance to staining and abrasion.

- Exercise caution when consuming hard-shelled fruits and nuts. - Avoid habits such as chewing pencils and biting nails. - Be mindful of sugary and teeth-damaging foods. - Brush teeth twice daily. - Utilize toothpaste without abrasive substances.

Dental veneers, crafted from porcelain, are available in two types: metal-supported and non-metal-supported. Zirconium veneers, a non-metal alternative, are chosen for aesthetic reasons. Comprising white zirconium material transformed into ceramic for durability, these veneers, lacking metal support, provide both longevity and superior aesthetics compared to their metal-supported counterparts.

- Robust: Crafted from a ceramic material that surpasses tooth enamel strength by 10 times. - Long-lasting: With proper maintenance, zirconium veneers boast a lifespan ranging from 10 to 30 years. - Biocompatibility: Zirconium exhibits high biocompatibility, remaining unresponsive to mouth chemical interactions. - Allergy Resistance: In contrast to porcelain coatings, zirconium veneers don't induce allergies or associated problems like gingival recession, swelling, or bleeding.

Given that Zirconium dental veneers lack metal content, they pose no allergy risk, making them a viable option for patients with allergies.

Typically, dental veneers aren't recommended for those with active cavities or untreated gum disease. Addressing these issues is crucial before considering veneer placement, with eligibility determined through a thorough dental examination.

While some may experience temporary sensitivity post-veneer placement, it usually diminishes within a few days.

Although whitening veneers is challenging, their appearance can be enhanced through professional cleanings to remove surface stains. In cases of extreme discoloration, replacing the veneers might be a preferable option.

Certainly, veneers can be placed on single teeth to address specific cosmetic concerns, with the number required depending on patient goals and the extent of cosmetic issues.

While veneers can enhance the appearance of mildly crooked teeth, they are not a substitute for orthodontic treatment. Significant misalignment may necessitate orthodontic solutions.

With proper post-application care for the teeth, porcelain laminates can endure for up to 30 years.

Since the treatment may require up to 3 sessions, a one-week stay is advisable. Following the procedure, the average recovery time is also one week.

Absolutely, dental veneers are customized, allowing patients to select the color, shape, and size that best aligns with their preferences and enhances their natural smile.

Customer Comments

Dave Kearney Turkey

The end result is 100%, excellent service Totally happy from start to finish. I had a full mouth dental implants and everything was great. I recommend it to anyone who thinks about getting their teeth done to check this place first before going anywhere else. The driver always has a nice smile at his face, the patient coordinator and the staff add the experience. The interpreter he puts you at ease and has nice mannerisms. They make sure they are providing the services.

Tarih :19/11/2023
Szymon Simon Kolmetz United Kingdom

What a experience...Could not praise Armada Smile enough. If U still haven't decided or hesitate who to contact regarding Ur new smile pls contact Gamze or Ozzy.They from day 1 will make U feel special.Award winning doctors!Focused on patients clinic!Dont wait as it truly is a life changing experience!

Tarih :22/06/2023
Edward Lewis United States of America

After been rejected in my entire life, mire than half century Armada Smile Dental Clinic the course of my life within 2 week. With professionalism of the doctor and expertise of the crew, especially Mr.Ozze overall my teeth treatment came true. It’s priceless the experience that I had while staying in Antalya. Transportation, hotel, food, and hospitality were surreal. I cannot have enough words to describe my deep feelings with the results. Thank you so much people. God bless you all!

Tarih :23/11/2022
Callum H United Kingdom

The clinic is very professional and I didn’t actually expect to get my full mouth implants done in turkey but the price was reasonable and it was all worth the experience. The doctor did my job very carefully and did what I liked for me with patience. During the treatment it was a hassle free experience the team managed everything regarding the hotel and transfer very well. The environment was friendly and the clinic was in a really nice spot. For me it was a beautiful experience I thank so much for Dr. Sayaf and his team I am completely satisfied with my teeth and I’m pleased to get my smile back. The doctor knows his job well.

Tarih :26/07/2022
KyeSho United Kingdom

OH MY GOD! Back in the UK after my treatment and amazing 7 days that i have spent in Antalya. I have people complimenting my new bright teeth already since i landed. I could never express enough appreciation to this clinic and its team! I had full mouth Implants and 24 Zirconium crowns, I have not felt any pain during my surgery AT ALL! The care ive been given has been first class. Such a respectful team with big smiles on their face every time i stepped into this clinic. They listen to you and take into account everything that is important to you. I have picked this clinic out of all the other options out there because Armada Smile is after quality and not quantity. As someone concerned about traveling abroad for dental treatment.I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.I wish them the best of luck and success.

Tarih :11/08/2022
Joe M United Kingdom

Wow! Been in contact with Armada Smile for around 3 months. I wasent really sure on booking at first but I shouldn't have been. Im glad I got my smile back after a really long time in the UK. I wasn’t expecting how little pain there was after the injections of the course. I haven’t always been that confident with myself and have avoided going to the dentists for years. So glad after having missing teeth and broken teeth my new smile is so good and I feel so confident. The service was also Immaculate I thank the whole Armada Smile Studio Team.

Tarih :14/07/2022