About Us

What is Wellcome

Wellcome is a one-stop innovative platform that empowers “healthcare and wellness travelers” to design unique packages, experiences, and unforgettable stories from end-to-end, offering an immersive life platform that embraces a holistic approach to physical and mental health. This ensures an exquisite travel and accommodation experience for individuals seeking comprehensive well-being journeys.

Wellcome Unique Value Points

At Wellcome, the concept of convenience extends to having all healthy and good life needs meeting effortlessly. Whether through simplified processes, intuitive interfaces, or personalized guidance, the goal is to create a one-stop shopping environment where individuals feel at ease, enhancing their sense of well-being.

Trusted partners:

All Wellcome partners are chosen by a wide list of criteria. Throughout the entire process, Wellcome transforms the journey into a unique and unforgettable experience by collaborating with esteemed and reliable leaders in the accommodation, healthcare, and wellness sectors. It guarantees our guests excellent service, price offers, high technology and professional treatment.

Unique Time and Space-Independent Hospitality Approach:

It is more than just convenience – it's the embodiment of a comprehensive and consistent premium experience, whether in physical or virtual realms, anytime and anywhere. This approach embodies the essence of "one-stop shopping" where you receive the same unique hospitality, be it for in-person engagements or virtual interactions.

Wide range of services:

Guests can have remote consultations with a range of experts, including medical professionals, nutritionists, wellness coaches, and more. These consultations address their specific health and well-being concerns.

All Inclusive All Exclusive service:

Experience packages encompass various offerings such as specialized medical treatments, wellness therapies, accommodations to suit different preferences, easy transportation solutions, immersive activities, and access to essential pharmacy products.

Wellcome Healthy Life Assistants:

Assisting at all steps, from the initial journey to the post-experience period.

Wellcome Healthy Life Butlers:

Having an assistant at each step 24 per 7 from the moment of booking till arriving home who can help to solve any problem even beyond the health issues.

Guided by Data Insights:

Wellcome's approach involves leveraging data insights that adapt to your journey, providing personalized recommendations for both virtual and on-site interactions.

Protecting Your Privacy:

Wellcome's rigorous security measures guarantee the privacy of your data, whether it pertains to travel arrangements or virtual consultations.

Guidance Grounded in Trust:

Trust is the cornerstone of Wellcome. Verified comments and interactions provide dependable insights into your healthcare & wellness travel experiences, enabling confident decisions.

Personalization at Every Turn:

At Wellcome, customization extends beyond mere choices. It's about tailoring experiences for flexibility in time and location or adjusting travel and accommodations to perfectly match your preferences