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Zirconium Veneers

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Zirconium dental crowns are crafted using a material that enhances the natural appearance and aesthetics of your teeth. This material, made from an alloy called zirconium, matches the color of your natural teeth. Thanks to this feature, it blends seamlessly with your gums, providing a remarkably similar appearance to your real teeth.

These crowns undergo a special firing process, making them highly durable and sturdy. Additionally, they create a texture that closely resembles natural tooth enamel and contains no metal, resulting in a look that closely mimics your original teeth. With lower thermal conductivity, they do not cause sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures and help reduce bad breath. Moreover, they do not leave dark stains on the gums and prevent plaque buildup due to their smooth surface.

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Questions & Answers

Zirconium dental coating is a process where zirconium material is applied to the surfaces of teeth. Such coatings are also known as crown crowns or simply crowns. They are commonly preferred for restoring decayed teeth. However, they are also widely used for individuals seeking an aesthetic smile and white teeth. They can be applied to both front and back teeth. While providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance when applied to front teeth, they play a significant role in durability when used on back teeth.

A zirconia crown does not contain any metal material, thus does not cause any allergic reactions.

The size of the teeth is slightly reduced, and after the gum is brought to a healthy shape, a measurement is taken using special measurement materials and mouth-appropriate trays. In the laboratory, a zirconium infrastructure is created in the most suitable color for the tooth, and a porcelain superstructure is made on it. It is then adjusted to fit the mouth in the clinical setting. Finally, the tooth is securely and permanently placed using special adhesives.

The cutting of the teeth is performed with local anesthesia application, and then a temporary coating matching the tone of the tooth is applied to prevent sensitivity to hot and cold. In rare cases, mild sensitivity may be felt. After the trials, the process is completed painlessly by permanently bonding the teeth.