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Neck Lift Aesthetic

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Starting From 1,850.00 €
Part of Body Face, Neck
Operation Duration 2 Hours
Accommodation 3 Days
Recovery Time 7 - 10 Days
Hospital Stay 2 Days
Number of Treatments Once

Neck lift aesthetic is a surgical procedure typically aimed at correcting aesthetic issues such as sagging, wrinkles, or laxity in the neck area, commonly associated with the aging process. This procedure is performed to tighten the skin and tissues in the neck region, aiming to achieve a more youthful and taut appearance.

Neck lift aesthetic often involves the repositioning and tightening of muscles and tissues beneath the neck skin. In this surgical procedure, excess skin and fat may be removed, muscles can be tightened, and the skin can be re-draped to achieve the desired aesthetic results.

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Questions & Answers

A neck lift is a surgical procedure typically performed to address sagging and wrinkles caused by the aging process or significant weight loss in the neck area.

A neck lift usually involves the removal of excess skin and tissues on the neck to achieve a more youthful and tightened appearance. The surgeon often makes discreet incisions behind the ear or along the hairline to minimize visible scarring.

A neck lift is typically performed under general or local anesthesia, minimizing pain during the procedure. Mild discomfort and swelling may be experienced in the days following the surgery.

The recovery process varies from person to person, but generally, individuals can return to social activities within a few weeks. Full recovery may take a few months.

Yes, a neck lift generally provides long-lasting results. However, as the aging process continues, some subtle changes may occur over time.

Surgical procedures typically leave scars, but skilled surgeons can minimize their visibility through proper techniques and postoperative care.

Suitable candidates for a neck lift are usually individuals bothered by sagging and wrinkles in the neck area and seek a rejuvenated appearance. Quitting smoking before the procedure is often recommended.

Yes, a neck lift can often be combined with other aesthetic procedures, such as a facelift or botox, to achieve a more comprehensive rejuvenation effect.