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Zirconium Porcelain Crown / Full Veneers (24 Teeth)

Lara Smile Antalya, Turkiye
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4,300.00 €

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Starting From 4,300.00 €
Part of Body Face, Mouth
Operation Duration 4 Hours
Accommodation 7 Days
Recovery Time 3 - 7 Days
Hospital Stay 0 Day
Number of Treatments 4 Times

Elevate your smile with Zirconium Crowns, adding a touch of elegance to your teeth. These crowns, recognized with awards, flawlessly merge aesthetics and resilience in dental restoration. Crafted from zirconium oxide material, they emulate the natural appearance of tooth enamel, ensuring a safe choice with their hypoallergenic structure.

Key Features:

  • Quick preparation facilitated by cutting-edge digital scanning technology, with the option for temporary crowns.
  • A unique design that seamlessly blends aesthetics and durability in dental restoration.
  • Zirconium's biocompatible nature eliminates allergy risks.
  • The use of pure white material eliminates concerns about gray lines, ensuring a seamless finish.
  • Customize your smile with 22 different color tones.

Treatment Procedure:

  • Achieve a remarkable smile transformation in just 6 days.
  • Experience rapid and efficient treatment thanks to digital scanning and personalized customization.
  • Final fitting and adjustments will be completed within 2-3 days.
What’s Included?
  • Health Insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Online Healthy Life Assistant 9/5
  • Post - Experience Follow Up 6 Month
  • Extra Privileges
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What’s Included?
  • Health Insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Online Healthy Life Assistant 24/7
  • Post - Experience Follow Up 2 Year
  • Pre-Treatment Doctor Consultation
  • Extra Privileges
Starting From 7,713.50 €*
What’s Included?
  • Health Insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Healthy Life Butler
  • Post - Experience Follow Up 2 Year
  • World-Famous Doctor Consultation
  • Extra Privileges
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Questions & Answers

The smile design process involves several key steps: 1. Consultation: Patients discuss their smile goals with a dentist, and necessary photos or impressions are taken. 2. Assessment: The dentist examines the teeth and gums to identify any issues that need addressing before the smile design process. 3. Treatment Planning: Based on the patient's goals and the dentist's assessment, a customized treatment plan is created. 4. Mock-Up: A 3D model or digital simulation showcases how the new smile will look. 5. Preparation: Some treatments may require tooth preparation, such as enamel removal for veneers. 6. Placement: Actual treatments, like veneers or orthodontic procedures, are performed under the dentist's supervision.

The smile design process is typically completed within a week. The duration depends on individual needs, goals, and the specific treatments involved, which may include teeth whitening, veneers, implants, crowns, or orthodontics.

Smile design is suitable for anyone looking to enhance their smile, particularly individuals with healthy teeth and gums facing aesthetic issues. Candidates should have realistic expectations and discuss their desires with the dentist.

- Boosts Self-Confidence - Enhances Oral Health - Improves Chewing Function

After smile design, individuals can expect positive changes in appearance, oral health, and self-confidence. Results vary based on chosen procedures, but improved aesthetics, function, and alignment are common. Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential.

The duration of stay in Turkey depends on the procedure's complexity, but for most patients, one week is typically sufficient.