SE Hair Clinic Seda Erdoğan
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SE Hair Clinic Seda Erdoğan

Muratpaşa, Antalya, Turkiye
Establishment Year 2019
Number of Branches 1
Available Languages 4
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Number of Doctors 2
Emergency Services Not Available
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SE Hair Clinic is located in Antalya the worldwide well-known city on the southern coast of Turkey. All hair transplant procedures are carried out in our modern private clinic. The surgical team at SE Hair Clinic is headed by Dr. Seda Erdoğan. Dr. Seda Erdoğan carefully and meticulously carries out the planning of hair transplant, analysis of blood tests and dermatological analysis of the scalp.

Two of our highly experienced full-time staff involved in the operation have received medical training.

Our international guest relation team is in close contact with every visitor to the clinic, guaranteeing the highest level of service.

Our main aim is to meet your expectations and ensure your complete satisfaction by performing state-of-the-art hair transplantation using cutting edge techniques.

Our mission is to provide a family atmosphere to the patients, make them feel at home, and make them feel safe. If you would like to receive the highest standart hair transplantation by multi-disciplinary team at affordable prices, travelling to Antalya is an perfect choice. Wonderful climate all year around and direct flights from many country airports can combine your hair transplant with your holiday in Turkey. We provide top quality medical services to our patients we also provide accommodation and transfer services to all our foreign patients who want to have their hair transplant procedure with us.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our state of the art hair clinic soon.


4 Treatments Available
  • DHI Hair TransplantDHI Hair Transplant
    out of 5
    Starting From 1,000.00 €
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  • Eyebrow TransplantationEyebrow Transplant
    out of 5
    Starting From 1,200.00 €
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  • Hair Transplant for WomenHair Transplant for Women
    out of 5
    Starting From 2,000.00 €
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  • Hair and Beard TransplantDHI Hair Transplant
    out of 5
    Starting From 2,250.00 €
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  • DHI Choi Pen


1 Doctors
  • Seda Erdoğan
    Dr. Seda Erdoğan Dermatology, Hair Transplantation
    0 out of 5

Available Languages

  • German German
  • English English
  • Russian Russian
  • Turkish Turkish

Customer Comments

Özge Açıkalın Turkey

A clinic that creates a very positive impression about themselves with a fantastic advertisement but actually victimizes many people. I had a very faulty procedure done last year, and afterwards, I couldn't reach the Doctor! The staff was also quite rude. Based on my experience, I can say it was the worst healthcare experience of my life. Unfortunately, it is a business where health and commerce come together, and unfortunately, the commercial aspect outweighs. As someone who has lived in London for years, I do not want people to suffer by relying on fake reviews. Regards.

Tarih :11/01/2024
Hayri Duran Norway

I have been in that clinic for about 7 months ago and I feel i was at home. They was very friendly and help-full, and I am very happy with the result of the hair transplant. Now i am much younger then 7 monts ago :) I have more hair. I can absolutely recommend this clinic and doctor Erdal who is a fantastic surgeon.

Tarih :14/07/2023
Jenny Deakin-Berry United Kingdom

My husband and I travelled to SE hair clinic earlier this month to have hair transplants. Mine was due to a condition called PCOS so I had a lot of hair loss on the top of my head and my husbands was to correct a receding hairline. Prior to going the communication was excellent and all our questions were answered promotly and efficiently. The consultation was thorough and everything was explained every step in detail using an interpretateur, however most of the staff do speak English very well and are so polite and friendly. The actual procedure was pain free, some parts slightly uncomfortable but this is to be expected just purely because of having to stay still in certain positions, although medication is provided to keep you relaxed if required.Lunch and refreshments were provided which was lovely. We were given very clear post operation instructions with pain relief, anti histamines, anti swelling, antibiotics, shampoos and foam sprays as part of the aftercare package. The following day we went back for a first wash and check up.We also purchased the additional 6 month aftercare pack to give out new hair optimal care.For all appointments transport was provided from and to our hotel. Since returning to the UK the clinic have been in contact to ensure everything is OK and to access our hair.We would not hesitate to recommend this clinic and already we are seeing positive results only 12 days later.

Tarih :25/07/2022
Mariuxi Espinoza

I am Dr. Mariuxi Espinoza, a Spanish dermatologist, and I wanted to share with you my opinion about SE Hair Clinic. As we know, Turkey is a world reference when it comes to Hair Transplantation and as a doctor I always seek to update myself in terms of my profession, that is why I am now at SE Hair Clinic with my colleague Dr. Seda Erdoğan, who for me is An excellent professional with a great human quality. And since I've been at SE Hair Clinic, I've been able to see patients from all over the world cared for by a fantastic and very competent team of professionals who are dedicated from the beginning to providing the best patient care offering the best fot them and achievement excellent results in their treatments. The truth is that when I see patients after they have undergone Hair Transplantation Surgery at SE Hair Clinic, I can see joy and gratitude in their eyes. I know that as a patient one always looks for the best place and of course the best team of professionals to perform any treatment, that is why as a certified medical professional I recognize and recommend 100% SE Hair Clinic.

Tarih :07/03/2023
Gunay can Ugur Turkey

I had my hair done here 3 years ago. And I so happy with the results. The team is very professional and very nice location.

Tarih :15/07/2023