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Internal Sinus Lifting

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Starting From 220.00 €
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Recovery Time 3 - 7 Days
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Internal sinus lifting, also known as internal sinus augmentation or internal sinus lift, is a surgical procedure used to increase the amount of bone in the upper jaw in preparation for dental implant placement. During this procedure, a small opening is made in the jawbone near the sinus cavity, and bone graft material is inserted into the space between the jawbone and the sinus membrane. Unlike traditional sinus lift procedures where the sinus membrane is lifted or moved, in internal sinus lifting, the sinus membrane remains intact and undisturbed. This technique is considered less invasive and typically involves a shorter recovery time compared to open sinus lift procedures.

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Questions & Answers

Ideal candidates for gum lift surgery are individuals with excessive or uneven gum tissue, making their teeth appear short or uneven.

The procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia, ensuring minimal discomfort. After the surgery, some patients may experience mild soreness or swelling, but this can usually be managed easily.

The recovery period varies from person to person, but generally, patients can resume normal activities within a day or two. Complete healing may take a few weeks, during which it's essential to follow post-operative care instructions provided by your dentist.

Gum lift surgery is designed to be minimally invasive, and incisions are made with precision. Scarring is typically minimal and often not visible, especially if the procedure is performed by an experienced and skilled dentist.

Yes, gum lift surgery can be combined with other procedures like teeth whitening or dental veneers to enhance overall smile aesthetics. Your dentist will discuss the best treatment plan based on your specific needs and goals.