How Wellcome Experience Works

How Wellcome Experience Works

Initial entry to the platform

Upon their first entry into the Wellcome platform, the guest is presented with a unique value proposition. This proposition offers distinctive advantages and services to cater to the guest’s health and wellness needs.

Personalized Consultation

The guest benefits from an AI-backed personalization service to select the experience packages best suited to their needs. This consultation analyzes information like the guest’s health history, past experiences and preferences to provide the most appropriate recommendations.

Experience Package Selection

Guided by the consultation the guest selects the experience package that aligns best with their needs and expectations. This package encompasses services across various domains like accommodation, transportation, healthcare services and wellness activities.

Assignment of a Personalized Assistant

Upon selecting the experience package, the guest is assigned a personalized assistant. This assistant serves as a dedicated point of contact throughout the entire experience, ensuring seamless coordination and addressing any specific requirements or concerns the guest may have.

Living the Experience

The guest then begins to "live the experience" by actively engaging in the selected package's offerings. This may include enjoying accommodation facilities, utilizing transportation services, accessing healthcare resources, and participating in various wellness activities tailored to their preferences.

Feedback and Improvement

Once the experience concludes feedback is collected from the guest. This feedback is utilized for the continuous improvement of the platform.

Wellcome in Daily Life

Even after the conclusion of the experience, the guest can benefit from Wellcome’s immersive life platform in their daily life. this platform offers various suggestions to enhance the guest’s quality of life.