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Gastic Bypass

Clinic Antalya Antalya, Turkiye
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Starting From 3,600.00 €
Part of Body Abdomen
Operation Duration 90 Minutes
Accommodation 6 Days
Recovery Time 7 - 10
Hospital Stay 2 Days
Number of Treatments Once

Gastric bypass is a type of weight-loss surgery that involves creating a small pouch from the stomach and connecting it directly to the small intestine. This procedure helps patients lose weight by limiting food intake and reducing nutrient absorption. It's typically recommended for individuals with severe obesity or obesity-related health conditions.

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Questions & Answers

Gastric bypass is often recommended for individuals with a BMI over 40. It may also be advised for those with a BMI of 30 and above who have conditions such as high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes.

Possible complications include constipation, gallstones, and dumping syndrome. More severe issues, such as internal infections, gastric leakage, and blood clots, occur in approximately 1% of cases.

Around 85% of patients report sustained weight loss of 50% following gastric bypass surgery. Complications are reported in 5% of cases. In 10-15% of cases, the procedure may not achieve the desired results, necessitating further bariatric surgery.

Choosing gastric bypass involves a thorough pre-operative preparation, including dietary changes to reduce fat deposits. Post-surgery, a liquid diet is initially required, followed by a gradual adjustment of food intake to accommodate the restricted stomach capacity. The specifics of this dietary progression will be tailored by specialists and may vary between patients. During the surgery, patients are under general anesthesia, and recovery times vary, with laparoscopic techniques typically resulting in shorter healing periods. In general, patients leave the hospital within 3 days, and the overall recovery process spans 3-5 weeks.

While gastric bypass offers long-term weight loss, maintaining the results requires a commitment to lifestyle changes. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and ongoing support are essential.

Excess skin is a common concern. Depending on individual factors, such as age and skin elasticity, some patients may choose additional procedures (body contouring) to address excess skin after weight loss.

The reversibility of gastric bypass depends on factors like the surgeon's technique, time since surgery, and the patient's overall health. Reversing gastric bypass becomes more challenging over time due to adhesions, scar tissue, and altered anatomy.

Customer Comments

Andrea Suldisha United Kingdom

I first visited Clinic Antalya in November 2023 to have a gastric sleeve through the excellent tests I discovered I had a cancerous lump in my kidney and had to return home to have that removed and treated. The support and guidance from Dr Namik and Jolanda was amazing. I returned to the Clinic in May 2024 to have my gastric sleeve and the service and support was second to none I was welcomed by Jolanda checked in and settled as feeling very anxious was made to feel good by the staff. Checks completed and then to the operation I felt in safe hands all the time.Recovery was tough but you are encouraged and helped all the way.Antalya is a beautiful place and once you check into the hotel you can relax but you are still looked after by Dr Namik and Jolanda they are fully supportive from the start and ongoing.The service and after care is very good and guidance from home is always there you are cared for all the way I would highly recommend the clinic to everyone this has been an amazing journey and changed my life I am very grateful

Tarih :29/06/2024
Joanna Dobrzyńska Germany

Everything was explained so well. Before I was asked for any money, I felt I had undergone a full health check and was confirmed fit for surgery. This is primarily about you and your health. Great care, constant contact with the coordinator. Everything went great. I feel great. 5 months after surgery is great. I give this clinic 5 stars and I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Tarih :24/06/2024
Jessica Jane Beasely United Kingdom

I came to Clinic Antalya in May 2024 and iI had the most amazing experience!!! Me & my friend traveled together to have a gastric sleeve, and from start to finish we had such a positive experience. We were greeted by the amazing Jolanda who explained everything and put us at ease. We then went to see all the doctors and the service was amazing. I found out more about my body in one day than I had ever done before!! We then met Dr Namik who was so kind and reassuring. The hospital was like a 5* hotel & the nursing staff were fabulous. Very caring & helpful! Recovery in the hospital as great, they can’t do enough for you. You then went on to a hotel to rest after a few days. We were picked up for appointments and follow ups. Everything happened on time and to the book. We even had a day lounging by the pool! I can’t recommend this clinic enough. They have changed my life for the better & I would tell anyone looking for a Clinic to go to Dr Namik! Thank you so much!

Tarih :26/06/2024
Claire Louise United Kingdom

Fantastic from start to finish…..I arrived to have gastric sleeve surgery and can honestly say each and every person helped me and kept me at ease Speaking firstly with Jolanda and booking was easy……I arrived and after speaking with Dr Namik who went through everything the tests were done Operation was performed and the after care I received was amazing from everyone I did look around but went with my heart and im so glad i did I would 100% recommend Dr Namik and all his staff at Clinic Antalya

Tarih :17/06/2024
Sanny Turkey

Clinic Antalya was recommended to us, as we were looking for a gastric sleeve surgeon. We got pretty fast an appointment in the beautiful looking office with view to the Antalya beach. Dr. Namik is a really nice and welcoming person, we felt comfortable the second we got the consultation. He explained the whole process (we chose english, because thats what we all understand, but he can also speak german) and made an appointment 2 weeks later.At the Medstar Hospital I got all the needed check-ups done and as soon as everything got approved by different doctors, the surgery was about to take place.I also want to mention Alexandra and her husband Nusret, who were always available and checked on me at any time! Even if you met them in private they stop for a nice talk.The surgery went perfectly fine, I had no pain and stayed in the hospital for 3 days in total. The nurses in the hospital only speak turkish but they try to communicate as good as possible.I stayed in turkey for 2 more months, Dr. Namik and Alexandra checked on me several times.I can recommend Clinic Antalya to everyone who wants to have a bariatric surgery, its the best care I ever had ♥

Tarih :20/06/2024
Consumer Turkey

From booking to sitting around the pool four days post op, I have never experienced such kindness, professionalism and passionate people. Yolanda was like a mother to me, she held my hand, breathed with me and has answered absolutely every silly question I’ve asked. And Dr Namik is the absolute best surgeon, he put me at ease, made me laugh. Made me smile. I’m feeling so excited for the future and I’ve found family here at clinic Antalya. Love you all and will be forever grateful for the care I’ve received. X

Tarih :17/05/2024