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Penis Lengthening Procedures

Onep Istanbul, Turkiye
Starting From
2,500.00 €

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Starting From 2,500.00 €
Part of Body Genitalia
Operation Duration 2 Hours
Accommodation 3 Days
Recovery Time 15-20 Days
Hospital Stay 0 Day
Number of Treatments Once

Penis-lengthening procedures refer to various procedures aimed at increasing the length of the penis, usually through surgical interventions or non-invasive methods.

Surgical methods usually involve ligament cutting or penile prosthesis implantation.

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Questions & Answers

The effectiveness of penis enlargement methods may vary from person to person and is often uncertain. While surgical interventions may have side effects and complications, there is no conclusive evidence regarding the effectiveness and safety of other methods. It is important to consult a professional before trying any penis enlargement method.

Penis enlargement methods can include a variety of methods, such as surgical (surgeries), non-surgical (vacuum pumps, exercises, devices) and products such as creams.

Non-surgical penis enlargement methods include vacuum pumps, exercises, devices and some creams.